Crying in the Chapel

Crying in the Chapel was one of Elvis Presley’s hit songs.  However, it was written by Artie Glenn.

Artie Glenn wrote it for his son, Darrell, who recorded the song in 1953.  The high schooler recorded the song with his group, The Rhythm Riders.

You saw me crying in the chapel...
You saw me crying in the chapel…

After being rejected by several publishing companies, the song was published by Valley Publishers.

The song became very popular and spread across the nation to become one of the most covered songs of 1953.  Darrell Glenn’s recording hit #6 on the Billboard Pop Singles Music Charts and #1 on the Cash Box Charts.

June Valli and his orchestra also recorded the song in 1953, and reached #4 on the pop version of the music charts.

Elvis recorded his version in late October 1960 for his gospel album, His Hand in Mine.  However, RCA held the song back and did not release the song until April 1965 for an Easter Special. The song hit #7 on the Billboard 100 singles charts.

Crying in the Chapel was later recorded as a bonus track on Elvis’ 1967 gospel album, How Great Thou Art.

More than fifty other artists have recorded the song including Bob Marley, Ella Fitzgerald, Little Richard and The Platters.