Scotland the Brave

Scotland the Brave is a Scottish patriotic song and considered one of the unofficial national anthems of Scotland, alongside Flower of Scotland and Scots Wha Hae.

Bonnie Scotland

The earliest known version of the song appeared in 1911.

The lyrics best known today were written by Cliff Hanley, a Scottish journalist, around 1950. He wrote the lyrics for singer Robert Wilson.

The song is a popular song for the bag pipes.  It is the authorized pipe band march of The British Columbia Dragoons of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Royal Regiment of Scotland adopted it as their regimental quick march in 2006.  Military schools such as The Citadel and Virginia Military Institute also use the song for their “Review at Friday” parades.

“Scotland the Brave” was used as the Scottish anthem at the Commonwealth Games until 2010.

The song was voted second to Flower of Scotland as Scotland’s favorite song in June 2006.

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