Behind the Song: Puppy Love

Puppy Love was my parents favorite love song.  My mom even has the song as her ringtone.puppy love 2

Paul Anka wrote the song in 1960.  At the time he was dating Annette Funicello and he wrote the song for her.  The song hit number 2 on the Billboard 100 charts in the United States.  The song also made the charts in the United Kingdom.

Donny Osmond recorded the song in 1972 and the song again did very well in the United States, Canadian and United Kingdom charts.

Disney referenced the song in their 1962 animate short “A Symposium of Popular Songs.” Robert and Richard Sherman wrote the song “Puppy Love is here to Stay” for the special.

The song has also been recorded by other artist and used in several other films.  Puppy Love is still a popular love song.

puppy love