My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night

My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night!” was written by Stephen Foster. The song was published in January 1853 and believed to have been written the previous year.

Louisville, Kentucky

According to Wikipedia, “In Foster’s sketchbook, the song was originally entitled “Poor Uncle Tom, Good-Night!“, but was altered by Foster as “My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night!”

Foster likely composed the song after having been inspired by the narrative of popular anti-slavery novelist Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, while likely referencing imagery witnessed on his visits to the Bardstown, Kentucky farm called Federal Hill.”

In 1928, the Kentucky state legislature adopted the song as the state’s official song.

Many revisions and updates of the song have occurred throughout the past century has further ingrained the song in American culture.

Lexington, Kentucky horse farm

Today, the song My Old Kentucky Home remains an important composition due to its role in the evolution of American songwriting and as one of the most influential songs in American culture.

The song has appeared in various films and TV specials.


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