In the Good Ole Summertime

In the Good Ole Summertime is a Tin Pan Alley song that was first published in 1902.  The song was written by George Evans and Ren Shields.

George Evans
George Evans

The duo had a difficult time selling the song to publishers.  At the suggestion of actress Blanche Ring, the song was added to the 1902 musical comedy, The Defender.  Ring was currently appearing in that musical show.

The song was a hit from opening night and it is reported the audience even joined in with singing the chorus that night.  The song became a hit of that era and has been a standard since then.  In 1903, the John Philip Sousa band recorded the song.

Judy Garland and Van Johnson started in the 1949 musical In the Good Ole Summertime.  The song has been performed in numerous other movies over the years.

The original publication reportedly has extensive additional lyrics that are seldom recorded anymore.