Song Story: Blue Moon of Kentucky

Blue Moon of Kentucky was written in 1946 by Bill Monroe, a bluegrass musician. 

Bill Monroe recorded the song and released it in early 1947.  The popularity of the song spread and it became a huge hit.

Elvis Presley recorded the song with Sun Records in 1954.  Scotty Moore recalled, “We all of us knew we needed something…and things seemed hopeless after a while. Bill {Black} is the one who came up with “Blue Moon of Kentucky”…We’re taking a little break and he starts beating on the bass and singing “Blue Moon of Kentucky”, mocking Bill Monroe, singing the high falsetto voice. Elvis joins in with him, starts playing and singing along with him.

Elvis‘ version became a huge hit and helped to introduce him to radio audiences.  {Along with That’s All Right}.

Blue Moon of Kentucky is a waltz and the official bluegrass song of Kentucky.

In 2003, the song was added to the U.S. Library of Congress National Recording Registry.   That same year CMT ranked the song as #11 of the 100 Greatest Songs in Country Music.