Pennsylvania is the official state song for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The song was written by Eddie Khoury and the music composed by Ronnie Bonner. The General Assembly of Pennsylvania adopted the song as their state anthem on November 29, 1990.   Photos courtesy of

Oregon, My Oregon

  Oregon, My Oregon was written as part of a song contest in 1920. The Society of Oregon Composers decided to hold a competition for a state song for the state of Oregon. James Andrew Buchanan wrote the lyrics. The song contains two themes, “honoring the early settlers and pioneers of Oregon, and praise for Read More


Oklahoma is from the Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway musical Oklahoma! Richard Rodgers wrote the music and Oscar Hammerstein II the lyrics. The song “describes the landscape and prairie weather in positive language. It further emphasizes the wholesome aspects of rural life, and the steadfast dedication of the region’s inhabitants, against the overtly stated formal backdrop Read More

Beautiful Ohio

  Beautiful Ohio was written by Ballard MacDonald in 1918. The music was written by Robert A. “Bobo” King, who used the pseudonym Mary Earl. MacDonald wrote the song as a love song, in the form of a waltz. The melody is partly based on “Song of India” by Rimsky-Korsakov and “Beautiful Dreamer” by Stephen Read More

The North Dakota Hymn

The North Dakota Hymn is the official state song for the state. James Foley wrote the song in 1926 and paired the song to the tune The Austrian Hymn. C.S. Putman arranged the music with distinct ragtime syncopation. North Dakota adopted the song as their official state song in 1947.   Photos courtesy of

Carolina in My Mind

  Carolina in My Mind was written and performed by James Taylor. The song first appeared on his 1968 self-titled debut album. “Taylor wrote it while overseas recording for the Beatles’ label Apple Records, and the song’s themes reflect his homesickness at the time. Released as a single, the song earned critical praise but not Read More

New York New York

New York New York has become a well-known song and theme for New York City. The song debuted in the 1977 Martin Scorsese film New York New York. Composer John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb wrote the song for the film. “Composers Kander and Ebb stated on the A&E Biography episode about Liza Minnelli, that Read More

O Fair New Mexico

O Fair New Mexico is the state song for the state of New Mexico. The song was written by Elizabeth Garrett, who was the daughter of former Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett. Sheriff Garrett is best know as the man who killed Billy the Kid. The New Mexico legislature approved the song, which is considered Read More

Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl was composed and originally released by Tom Waits. He wrote the song with his future wife, Kathleen Brennan, who was living in New Jersey in mind. “It is one of Waits’ most tender songs, and captures a feeling of romantic longing despite its somewhat gritty details.” Waits said in a 1980 interview that, Read More

Old New Hampshire

  Old New Hampshire is one of the official state songs for the state of New Hampshire. The song was written by Dr. John F. Holmes in 1926. Maurice Hoffmann composed the music. Old New Hampshire was chosen to be the official state song in both 1949 and 1977. The state also has eight honorary Read More