Submission Guidelines


  • To share the story of good music
  • To make the public aware of the story behind a song/composer/performer
  • To help the public get to know a composer, performer or song better
  • To share the events that inspired a song
  • To widen the horizons of readers to at least try a style or performer they’ve never heard of or that is different from what they normally listen to


 Do you have a story about how a song touched your life?
Leagh would love to share your story with her reader.

Contact me to share your story.

Performer Needs:
YouTube Video
Twitter/Facebook accounts with at least 100 people following
6 Concerts scheduled for the year
A CD/product {I am willing to work around this}
A touching or inspirational story

BONUS: A Giveaway for my readers  {book, CD, DVD}
{Not required}

I Will NOT Accept:
Songs with vulgar or provocative  lyrics
Songs with questionable lyrics
Music/Artist that portrays a questionable lifestyle

 I have the right to refuse to post a performer/song based on my discretion

I cover a wide range of styles, genres, eras and singers or composers

Promotion is understandable, but not my goal.  I want the story behind the heart of a particular song, show, how a band began, what touches or inspires you, etc.  Give the audience a chance to discover your heart and get to know you a little better.

If you would like to share your story and music with my readers please contact me