On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away

On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away is the Indiana State song. The song was written by Terre Haute and Paul Dresser, a native of the state. Dresser is said to reminisce in the lyrics about his childhood home along the Wabash River. When asked what led him to write the song Dresser said, Read More


Illinois is the state song of that given state. The words were written by C.H. Chamberlain and the music composed by Archibald Johnston. In 1925, the 54th Illinois General Assembly agreed on the song becoming the state’s anthem.     Photos courtesy of Pixabay.com    

Here We Have Idaho

Here We Have Idaho is the state song. The song was written by McKinley Helm, Albert J. Tompkins and Sallie Hume-Douglas. The song was originally titled Garden of Paradise. Garden of Paradise was copyrighted on November 4, 1915. Two years later,  McKinley Helm was a student at the University of Idaho. He wrote the verse Read More

Hawaiian Wedding Song

Hawaiian Wedding Song is a traditional pop song. The song was first adapted from the 1926 operetta, Prince of Hawaii, by Charles E. King. The song was originally titled “Ke Kali Nei Au” which is Hawaiian for Waiting Here for You. Al Hoffman and Dick Manning translated the original Hawaiian words into English and renamed Read More

Georgia on My Mind

Georgia on My Mind was a hit for Ray Charles. However, the song was written in 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell. Carmichael wrote in his autobiography, Sometimes I Wonder, that bandleader and saxophonist Frankie Trumbeuer suggested he write a song about the state of Georgia. Trumbeuer suggested “Georgia, Georgia” as the opening and Read More

Swanee River

Old Folks at Home is the state song of Florida. The song is better known as “Swanee River” or “Suwannee River”. The song was written by Stephen Foster in 1851 for a minstrel show. Foster had completed the majority of the lyrics but was still struggling with the opening line. His brother made a few Read More

Our Delaware

Our Delaware is the state song of the state of Delaware. The song began as a poem, written by George Bewick Hynson. Hynson published his song in 1906. Will M.S. Brown composed the music specifically for the poem. In 1925, the Delaware General Assembly voted on the song as their state song. Each of the Read More


In 1945, Judy Garland and Bing Crosby recorded the song Connecticut. This sweet tune refers to calling Connecticut home. The song was written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane. The recording was released on Bing Crosby’s album, Bing Crosby Sings with Judy Garland, Mary Martin, Johnny Mercer by Decca Records in 1948. The state song Read More

Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High is said to be inspired by John Denver’s move to Aspen, Colorado. Denver is said to love the state and the beautiful mountains there. He began writing the song during the Perseid Meteor Shower which occurs each August. Denver stated in interviews that the inspiration quickly struck him while camping with friends. Read More

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’ was written by John Phillips and Michelle Phillips when they were living in New York. In 1963, John Phillips dreamed about the song. Upon waking, he shook his wife, Michelle, awake and together the couple wrote the songs. At the time, the couple were members of “The New Journeymen”, a folk group. This Read More