Taps is a haunting bugle call that is played at military funerals. During the American Civil War, three slow drum beats were struck at the end of the Tattoo to extinguish the lights.  A military Tattoo was originally a form of military music.  Today it has evolved to shows involving theatrics and musical performances.  The Read More

Carrie Jacobs-Bond Triumphed over Tragedy

We recently looked at the song I Love You Truly.  However, the author has an interesting life worth reviewing in her own right.   Carrie was born on August 11, 1862, during the midst of the Civil War.  She was born in a brick house in Janesville, Wisconsin. By a young age she could pick Read More

Emily Bear—A Gifted Young Musician

I had a friend draw my attention to this gifted and talented young lady. This gifted pianist was born in August 2001 and at the tender age of fourteen has accomplished more than some accomplish in a lifetime.  Her grandmother is said to recognize her talent on the piano by the age of two years Read More